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xCrypt - Blockchain Revolution Ecosystem

Hi, valuable crypto money followers. In this article, I would like to talk to you about a new project xCypt project.

New discoveries always frightened humanity: fear of flying, fear of looking into the future, fear of technology. The latest statistics show that the use of Blockchain technology concerns very few people in the world's population, and there is a general feeling of insecurity. Contrary to this trend, xCrypt created its project based on its unique characteristics.

xCrypt is the first innovative crypto ecosystem to change the heart: it is designed to be simple, comfortable and innovative, suitable for hybrids, securities and care for the future of erc721. In the near future, he believes in the field of cryptocurrencies, in the field of commerce as well as how this world is conceived.

Blockchain technology has changed the investment world forever and for the better: ICOs have proven to be a safe and successful way to finance companies and projects. Members can benefit from special services by purchasing a membership on the XCrypt platform; The membership is divided into multiple layers, depending on the amount of XCT purchased (the ERC-20 access token of XCT).

xCrypt is the first crypto ecosystem with a high added value with the heart in its exchange: hybrid, ready for securities and for a marketplace made for the ERC721

XCrypt mission

The objective is to provide everything needed for crypto-profit under the same roof. All in a high security and ultra performant ecosystem. top priority is users. The mission is to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community’s security. They will develop the next generation ecosystem based on blockchain technology that offers all cryptocurrency related operations from securing different blockchains through the mining process, trading and storing cryptocurrency, up to make the cryptocurrency available on traditional payment methods. This will help users save money and will protect them against fraud through the use of smart contracts.

Advantages and features

If you consider the XCRYPT platform for exchange in more detail, then on many indicators it is one of the most worthy of existing traditional exchanges. And in order to make sure you personally propose to your attention to look at a small comparative characteristic, which clearly shows how its benefits are:

According to XCrypt developers themselves, the strength of a new product lies in its competitive advantage, as if the finished product did not possess them, then the values ​​for its customers would not have been and could not have been imagined. Therefore, all the most important tools and functions of the founders of XCrypt brought to the forefront of such a pyramid, which schematically shows the balance of all its elements, each of which forms its degree of quality and proper development.

Of course, to expand your presence, it's important to realize that the system is designed for use by ordinary people who only know the cryptographic industry. Therefore, the founders of XCrypt decided to create an additional training program within their project that will teach the user all the skills and knowledge necessary for the full possession of all available tools in XCrypt.

Problems and Solutions

However, in order to make this dream come true the necessary tools, through which the same contact, our everyday reality with the already existing and future cryptic currency will be fulfilled. As a rule, in order to carry out this process, users will have enough only one exchange platform, through which he will be able to make any crypt exchange or exchange of fiat currency on kriptovalyutnye and vice versa. In simple words, people need reliable and high-quality exchanges wherever they can carry out all their financial operations. At the current moment in the world, there are more than 220 exchanges, each of which is ready to offer us our terms of cooperation, as well as a set of tools for quality service. But no matter how good they were, each of them has small disadvantages, ranging from low security, ending with a lack of liquidity, lack of proper support levels and high cost of commission fees. The same problem is solved every time specialists, each of which finds its way through what and how it can be done. And today is exactly the case when we consider one of the most universal concepts.

Details Token xCrypt

If we talk about the internal token, through which the user will be able to perform an incredible number of actions, then everything is quite easy and simple. The token itself has a short abbreviation - XCT and is the standard marker of ERC20, developed on the basis of Elliptical Ethereum. A limited number of coins will be limited, so developers will create only 200 million coins. You can buy what you can through public sales available on ICO. Distribution of tokens and tools looks like this:

Final Word

So you can safely summarize and capture typical XCRYPT features among other similar ideas. First, this platform provides users with centralized and decentralized exchanges, quickly and efficiently and safely. What he wants is real-time, which minimizes losses for each individual trader. Second, this platform is able to implement full FiAT conclusions from cryptocurrencies, and vice versa. At the same time, it is safe through unlimited exchange via debit cards both in the system and in social institutions, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. And, thirdly, XCRYP developers also offer various benefits for their users available in membership, access that can be obtained by users with the cost of internal coins purchased. Which in my opinion is also very interesting. But again, don't forget about security. Therefore, before actively participating in a particular project, I strongly recommend that you study the technical documentation, as well as various official resources.


xCrypt will soon announce a partnership with the ZEUS protocol as its partner and can be read at the official link.



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