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Overview of the Blockium platform, the transition to the Binance Chain and the details of the IEO

Blockium is a social P2P platform that provides individual blockchain opportunities for financial traders. The application creates an innovative opportunity for traders to realize their financial skills through various trading competitions, which will be held on the platform and on which the rules will apply, suitable for any type of trader.

The project is currently at the peak of its mission to innovate in the fastest growing and largest market in Asia. Blockium implements a wide range of blockchain technological P2P capabilities that allow them to release features previously unseen in the industry.

This allows us to integrate our system into leading global financial markets, using advanced peer-to-peer technology.

Combining games and finance, Blockium allows traders to apply financial trading skills directly against friends and strangers and earn huge daily profits with minimal risk.

Using our own advanced blockchain and tokenized technology, the team makes stock trading, FX and crypto trading profitable for any budget size

With multi-channel accessibility and integrated integrations, this technology is designed to achieve end results. The architecture of the code, as well as the variety of libraries and integrations, provide Blockium with unlimited possibilities for user interaction, marketing channels and opportunities for business development.


The traditional financial trading is becoming less and less
relevant for the new generation of traders.

High Entry Level 

  • only relevant to people with the (sufficient) financial means.

  • Traders are risking big money for the hope of earning a little
  • History has proved that even the world’s top traders cannot protect themselves from the market’s fluctuations

  • Regulators make it difficult to innovate in the financial sector.

Blockium is a social P2P platform providing blockchain custom opportunities for financial traders

p2p financial gamification based on blockchain technology

  • We allow individuals to execute their trading skills with any budget.
Risk management

  • Hedge your risk by paying a one-time entry fee for a competition.
  • Even when the market crashes, your investment remains safe.
 Market Penetration

  • The nature of our features, combined with blockchain-based integration creates a strong infrastructure fast growing financial ecosystem

We built a platform for the trading Industry

Since the launch day, we were dedicated to improving all funnels – Including marketing optimization, 80% reduction of user acquisition costs, UX improvement and community growth.

We find this partnership so fitting because in the last 8 months Blockium has successfully proven its concept of users executing their trading skills in a gaming platform for healthy competition, proving that NOW is the time to tokenize. The team behind Coineal has created a world-class blockchain exchange. Providing users with free, safe, and professional cryptocurrency exchange services.

The IEO will allow Blockium to transition to a real money platform in which users on any budget are able to execute their trading skills with minimal risk and maximum profits.

Details for the sale of Blockium tokens ( IEO )

Blockium, the unique financial gamification platform, has signed with the exchanges Bitforex and Coineal to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on their platform, including the listing of Blockium (BOK) on the exchanges.

An IEO relies on having an exchange as the counter-party opposed to the individual buyer, providing a significant number of benefits in comparison to the traditional ICO.

As a relatively new phenomenon, an IEO allows for developers to benefit from the existing user base of an exchange. Thus, making it easier for people to take part in the crowdfunding process and providing a credible process that is easier and less tedious. Due to the legitimacy of exchanges, the possibility of scams is eliminated in the funding process giving investors peace of mind in a volatile market place.

  • Total number of tokens: 650,000,000 BOK
  • Initial turnover: 90,000,000 BOK
  • The number of tokens for sale on BitForex: 26,000,000 BOK
  • Token price: 0.023 USD
  • Trading pair: BOK / BTC
  • Vesting period in the framework of a public sale: No lock-up
  • Bonus: 5% Bonus (Bonuses for TOP 150 buyers will be issued within 7 working days after the end of the tokensale)
  • Tokensale ends after a hardcap is reached or after a timeout, in order of priority
  • Currently BOK is at the stage of tokensale. Users can buy BOK at a fixed price.

Distribution of funds


Team Blockium

Attention !!!

Blockium is announcing  the swap of the Blockium (BOK) from Ethereum to Binance Chain. Binance DEX @Binance_DEX 

Please note: The premium sale on BifForex continues as usual

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