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REVIEW Crypto Market Ads -Democratize Crypto Advertising & Marketing

About Crypto Market Ads

The crypto advertising and marketing industry has been growing rapidly over the past two years. Compared to 2017, ICO advertising and marketing volume has quadrupled in just over a year in 2018. A similar pattern has been followed by advertising and marketing spending volume for crypto projects. Currently, the total market size is at around 5 Billion USD, and is expected to grow in the coming years. We expect it to increase to almost 54.8 Billion USD by the year 2021.

This positively rapid growth has created many problems, such as crypto ads being banned by big corporations, publishers taking advantage by charging up to ten times more than comparable niches, marketing agencies and professionals also charging much more for the same services, and so on. It has also become hard to nd inuencers and good publishers since the market has attracted a lot of scams and fraud.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) proposes to solve these problems by offering a stable marketplace that can bring advertisers and publishers together onto a fair and democratic market platform. Publishers and service providers will compete against each other through marketing tactics such as offering lowest prices, competitive offers and instant communication. Advertisers will be able to execute their marketing and advertising campaigns in a quick and trustful manner without requiring a lot of budget or extensive marketing teams.

A democratic and decentralized crypto advertisement marketplace — that is the vision behind Crypto Market Ads. Our mission is to not only establish the best marketplace solution for crypto advertising and marketing but also create an internet of goods and services for global sellers and marketplaces.

CMA wants to change how sellers sell their goods and services by creating a truly global P2P (peer-topeer) ecosystem, where sellers are trustful, and goods and services are instantly available globally through a network of marketplaces. CMA also wants to deliver interactive online tools such as a dragand-drop marketplace builder, and an initial coin offering (ICO) platform for marketplaces to ensure the success of all stakeholders involved.

CMA Products

The CryptoMarketAds project aims to develop a custom new blockchain (Internet of Goods and Services), and in addition to the crypto marketing and advertising marketplace and new blockchain, two further products are to be offered.

– Decentralized Visual Drag & Drop Marketplace Builder: The CMA Marketplace Builder is a powerful tool that will allow anyone to develop their own blockchain-based marketplaces, serve any type of audience and enable crypto-based transactions. This will revolutionize the way people operate in a crypto world.

– ICO Platform for marketplaces: The CMA team is also hard at work developing an ICO Platform for marketplace fundraising. New marketplaces will be able to use the platform to raise funds.

A business-centric approach to crypto

CryptoMarketAds is creating value for other crypto-related projects in the online world. Whether you are a crypto enthusiast, a crypto startup owner or part of a large organization making a move towards the blockchain, CryptoMarketAds is there to help.

With the ICO platform, businesses and project owners will be able to raise funds for their next big ideas. The CMA decentralized marketplace builder will help set up a live blockchain-based ecosystem which can facilitate asset and value transfer. But the most critical aspect is perhaps the advertising and marketing a project needs to becomes successful. Crypto project owners can use the CMA Marketplace to buy crypto-related products and services.


Participating in the IEO of CMA project on IDAX ( is an amazing investment opportunity that you cannot miss.

CMA project is building an Ecosystem for New Era of Decentralized Marketplaces. is the first fundamental product. It is a new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting crypto market publishers (influencers, social media, marketing companies, etc.) and advertisers (crypto companies) in one place (marketplace is working already and got over 600+ offers for sale just in 7 weeks after the launch). Also, this will help crypto companies to promote their decentralized marketplaces which they will build using other CMA products.

To create a decentralized ecosystem for marketplaces CMA project will develop additional new products: new blockchain for marketplaces (“internet of goods and services”to let any marketplace place their business on the blockchain), ICO platform for marketplaces (to let new/old marketplaces get funding), the visual drag & drop marketplace builder (to let anyone build their own decentralized marketplace).

CMA is also world’s first IEO decentralized marketplace ecosystem project. The IEO will be held on IDAX and at least 6 leading exchanges gradually and upon completion will make a listing on at least 8 exchanges.

Because of the simple and secure IEO on IDAX, you can participate conveniently after registration.

On June 5th, 13:00 (UTC+8) IDAX will provide CMA (CryptoMarketAds) token through an Initial Exchange Offering. With special conditions for participated users: up to 28% bonuses during the first round.

The CMA project is making available total 160,288,000 CMA (CryptoMarketAds) tokens to IDAX users in the IEO.

The Team Behind CryptoMarketAds

CryptoMarketAds is backed up a team of professionals with extensive and diverse portfolios, combining their experience in areas such as IT, Design, Human Resource, Finance, Marketing & Communications, Business & Product Development, and more.

The team was co-founded and is currently being run by CEO Olegs Martinuks, COO Artis Romanovskis, CTO Artur Babyuk and CDO Artis Lutkovskis. Together, they bring many decades of collective experience to make CryptoMarketAds a success.

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