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Authoreon Verification and Certification In a decentralized network

What is Autoreon

Authoreon decentralizes authorization, authentication, verification and certification and thereby protects previously unsafe instances and functions.

Authoreon solutions prevent fraud, cyber-attacks, material identity and intangible thefts, and they provide full traceability for providing and chain ownership.

Authoreon Pte. Ltd. who is still in the process of establishing it has been registered in Singapore on August 10, 2017 after the establishment of the Parent Organization (Swiss Non-profit).

AUTH is a cryptocurrency coin from Authoreon that is made using smart contract technology, often called the ERC20 Token / blockchain ethereum. AUTH will later be used as a payment tool in accelerating the transaction process at a low cost. Basically AUTH was created to access certain functionality of the platform including registering new assets, transferring assets and various other authorization features. In addition, AUTH tokens will also be available on the stock market to be traded to everyone.

Solution Ideas

Authoreon which is a platform that aims to prevent fraud, cyber attacks, material identity theft and immunity. The Authoreon platform architecture involves several components that utilize the characteristics and characteristics of blockchain technology, cryptography, artificial intelligence algorithms (AI) and substitutions to provide maximum security, authorization and search. Their platform also makes two separate overlay protocols on the top of the blockchain: Synapse layer and Access Lock Layer:

Synapse layer: A layer of independent applications inspired by the human brain. This layer is designed to improve the functionality, scalability and performance of the Authoreon platform by enabling intelligent authorization contracts.

Access Lock Layer: lock layer access functions as a gatekeeper, processes requests into the synapse layer and gives temporary access if the instance request is authorized.

Platform Features

To support the Authoreon system to run properly and can be used easily by its users, the Authoreon platform also provides several additional features, namely:

Mobile application
Plugins, API & Marketplace

The Authoreon menu solution is designed to handle use cases. Here are some examples of cases they can handle: Identity Theft, User Authentication, Data Storage, Cyber Attacks, Document Fraud, IT Security Risks, Supply Chains, Ownership Chains, Copyright Violations, Reputation Management, and much more.


With the rise of fraud, cyber attacks and theft of data in the form of material and immaterial lately, prompting Chris Heinze (CEO & Founder of the Authoreon) with the Team to create and develop Authoreon to overcome these problems

Counteract Cyber ​​Attacks

There are many forms of cyber crime, such as ransomware attacks such as the recent Wannacry cryptoworm, the latest homepage hacks that overwrite Coindash and DDos attacks. For cyber attacks like that Authoroen is working on a solution to decentralize the storage of source code and databases, such as creating homepages, e-commerce, mobile applications and immutable intranets, so that they can only be authorized to make changes to the source code or database

Prevent Document Fraud

Document forgery is an organized crime, obviously there is a criminal activity involved in stealing passports and producing passports with sophisticated equipment and supplying them to the criminal market. Fraud passports and visas are the main problems that must be faced by the government. In overcoming such document fraud Authoreon provides a solution by enabling authorities to store document data safely on the blockchain and by providing appropriate verification tools to police and border patrols.

Maintaining Internet of Things (IoT) Security

It can be understood that all devices connected to the internet create access points that hackers can infiltrate. With the ability and experience possessed by the Authoreon Team, the security of internet access through authorization in IoT will be handled by Authoreon.

Prevent Copyright Infringement

Copyright is intellectual property that must be protected, Authoreon will provide solutions regarding copyright infringement, intellectual protection and property protection through the Authoreon system.

Prevent Identity Theft

Javelin Strategy & Research's Identity Fraud Study found that identity thieves and financial fraud with stolen account information in America in 2016 with victims of 15.4 million people experienced a 16% increase from 2015 with a loss of $ 16 billion, seeing this condition Authoreon will provide "immutable digital identity", which is an unchanging digital identity system for consumers, as well as an appropriate verification tool to verify.

Protect User Authentication and Password Violations

With predictions that more than 3 billion records leaked it was clear that all current security measures were inadequate. Authoreon solution to overcome this problem by replacing traditional authentication and will use two-factor authentication and will store user data safely on the Blockchain

Protect Telecommunications Data

Telecommunications data retention generally refers to keeping detailed records of telephone, internet traffic and transaction data by government and commercial organizations. In the case of government data retention, stored data is usually in the form of phone calls made and received, emails sent and received, and websites visited and location data also collected. The main objective in government data retention is the analysis of traffic and mass monitoring, the problem is that this practice is often in conflict with privacy laws and regulations, because supporters claim that data storage can be done to prevent terror attacks, while critics argue that the data is not safe against hacks and other violations. For this problem Authoreon proposes a solution for storing all data collected immediately and blocked so that data can only be accessed by authorized authorities through authentication and Authoreon keys, in this way all personal data is stored securely.


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