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Blockchain technology just like the internet is a disruptive technology which threatens to completely revolutionize business transactions globally; completely eliminating national barriers and creating one global society. As blockchain technology continues to experience widespread speculative adoption with the increasing possibility of mainstream adoption, more platforms which offer services that add value to the lives of users while growing the global blockchain userbase continue to increase, one of which being DVM; the decentralized dividend paying marketplace.


E-commerce over the years has continued to experience immense growth with the projected number of online buyers reaching a staggering 2.07 billion by 2019.

However, the global Client-to Client(C2C) global e-commerce market is largely unexplored even though it possesses numerous potential with the e-commerce market being dominated by centralized Business to Client (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) platforms which have numerous limitations.

These limitations serve to slow down the growth of the e-commerce sector and restrict the e-commerce market. These limitations include:

GEOGRAPHICAL RESTRICTIONS: Numerous e-commerce platforms provide services that are limited to specific countries or regions without support for some countries. This denies individuals access to list their goods and make purchases on the platform, thereby limiting the growth of the e-commerce market by excluding a potential e-commerce community because of their location.

CURRENCY AND EXCHANGE RATE ISSUES: This is one major factor limiting the growth of the global e-commerce market. Numerous platforms support the purchasing and listing of goods using a specified fiat currency. This makes it impossible for users outside that region to access their services or compels them to make and receive payments at exorbitant exchange rates.

TRANSACTIONAL INTEGRITY: Information on the monitoring of transactions in the case of a centralized platform is solely at the discretion of the e-commerce platform. Relevant information on the transaction may be withheld or with little or no update on transactions provided, making it difficult to effectively monitor transaction and order processing.

LANGUAGE LIMITATION AND COMMUNICATION BARRIERS: Many e-commerce platforms being country/region specific have little or no support for foreign languages. This greatly limits the platform usage and customer base to a specific population rather than helping foster a global e-commerce ecosystem. This limitation also makes it difficult to resolve queries from customers in acceptable regions that find it difficult to communicate in the language used by the platform for customer support.


The DVMarketplace is a C2C (Client to Client) decentralized marketplace built on the Tron blockchain architecture. Users can easily list their goods and sell them on the platform without hassles. The DVMarketplace supports the sale of both new and used goods, providing users with the opportunity to monetize their fairly used goods and purchase new ones all on one platform!

The DVMarketplace has the mission of revolutionizing the global e-commerce market by building a decentralized marketplace which features the numerous advantages of the cryptocurrency markets with transactions stored on the blockchain. The DVMarketplace has numerous features which ensure the optimal delivery of value to users, these include:

A USER-FRIENDLY TRADING PLATFORM: The DVMarketplace sports a user-friendly interface. Users can easily access the marketplace via the webpage and the mobile applications for Android and iOs which are currently under development. These facilitate the easy and convenient ease of access and use of the DVMarketplace.

GLOBAL REACH: The DVMarketplace is a global marketplace which can be accessed irrespective of geographical locations with support for sixteen(16) countries upon launch with more countries being added subsequently. As a global platform focused on providing clients with the best available customer support, the DVMarketplace will support numerous languages with support for more languages being added periodically.

AUCTION SERVICES: The DVMarketplace also provides auction services for users to post their goods for others to place bids on. This makes it easy for users who have goods that they feel could be bought more than the base price to list their goods and have users bid on it.

TOKEN TRANSACTIONS: One of the major limitations of e-commerce platforms is the currency exchange issue. Users in countries or regions that use a different currency from the platform currency have to either purchase gift cards to access the platform and make purchases or exchange currencies at non-customer-friendly rate. The DVMarketplace solves this problem by issuing its native utility token DVM.

PAYMENT OF DIVIDENDS: The DVMarketplace provides the first-of-its-kind dividend paying marketplace which employs blockchain technology. These dividends are from the profit of realized by the platform, making it a great source of passive income to holders of the DVMarketplace tokens. This provides holders with the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the platform while providing them with a platform to sell their goods. The DVMarketplace pays 50% dividends to DVM token holders.

EFFICIENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: As a global platform, the DVMarketplace will provide 24/7 client servicing and support with multilingual support, hence, users can effectively communicate their issues and have them resolved promptly without language being a barrier.

STABLECOIN IMPLEMENTATION: One of the major reasons why numerous individuals are skeptical of making purchases with cryptocurrency is the volatility in price. In order to protect users from this unpredictable fluctuations in price, the DVMarketplace employs a stablecoin USDT which has the value of 1 USDT pegged at $1. This ensures that as users do not lose value on the platform from token value depreciation.


The DVMarketplace has a unique economic model. It utilizes its native cryptocurrency DVM Tokens with the ticker DVM as the means of settlement for purchases made on the platform, for the payment of fees, and for the payment if user rewards and dividends. DVM is issued on the Tron blockchain with the total supply capped at 200 000 000 DVM.

Members of the public are provided with an opportunity to become a part of the DVMarketplace project by purchasing DVM tokens during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) offering exercise which is currently underway. A limited supply of only 50% (100 000 000 DVM) of the total supply will be available for the exercise.

The price of one DVM token has been pegged at 1TRX for 1 DVM or 2 DVM for 1 TERC. Token purchase is controlled by smart contracts, hence, tokens are sent automatically to the wallet from which funds are received. Funds should be sent from wallets which users hold the private key to(non-exchange wallets).

The DVMarketplace also has a unique VIP token, DVM Brilliant. DVM Brilliant offers its holders access to exclusive features and services on the DVMarketplace. Some of those services include:

  • Leveraging the global reach of the DVMarketplace to advertise for free.
  • Payment of more dividends: Holders of the DVM Brilliant token are received fifty percent (50%) more dividends than holders of the DVM token.
  • Access to an unlimited number of publications.
  • One free top search advert posting daily: DVM Brilliant token holders can post one advert daily which will be featured in the top search category.
  • The option of token buyback is available for the DVM Brilliant token upon the complete development of the platform with a guaranteed minimum value of 50 000 TRX.
The first thirty (30) holders of 500 000 DVM and above are eligible for a DVM Brilliant token each with 10 DVM Brilliant tokens already allocated to holders with the number decreasing by the minute! After these tokens have been allocated, subsequent holders can only acquire the DVM Brilliant token for at least 50 000 TRX! The DVM Brilliant token has a very limited total supply of just 300. All DVM Brilliant token holders will receive a real commemorative coin.



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