Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Loteo- modern gambling game platform

Lotteries are a very popular form of gambling, but they face a number of long-standing issues. States may restrict their citizens from participating in lotteries, or they may restrict their choice to a single state-run monopoly. Trust in conventional lottery organizers has been eroded through scandals as well as a lack of transparency that has been present since the game’s inception.

LOTEO is an automated digital lottery that is executed via code instead of being run by people. The lotterywill, first on a weekly, and later on a daily basis, draw a random Ethereum address from a pool of users. Thedraw will be based on a random number generation system that will have a publically-viewable code on GitHub and also on Ethereum Network. The winner shall receive 75% of the prize pool as a reward, which will be sent to their Ethereum address.

Not only will LOTEO make this form of gambling accessible to more people than ever, but it will also address the issue of trust as it will be executed via a smart contract, the code of which will be publically-viewable on GitHub and also on Ethereum Network. Through a combination of international reach, transparency and automation, LOTEO aims to become the industry standard in the rising market for digital lotteries.

Loteo has created an interesting new dynamic by making several developments adding a fresh match, upgraded game, a unified website, repaired difficulties with player resources and make a platfrom utility token. this all aims to facilitate and accelerate transactions between players, LOTEO aims to become the industry standard in the rising market for gambling game.

LOTEO is a solution to problems that currently occur frequently, such as manipulating participants, lack of transparency, monopolistic practices, degree of scrutiny claimed by the organizers. this makes the organizer get a lot of benefits, so that each participant has a small chance of winning, however, however, in loteo all runs automatically uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully transparent game, where your chances are incomparably higher compared to conventional lotteries.

The main advantages of LOTEO

If you are ready to become part of the decentralized LOTEO platform today, you should consider a unique option with purchasing ticket packages. This is a great opportunity to qualify for a good win every day. In addition, the developers of the LOTEO platform believe that they will be able to surprise all lottery lovers. There are several key benefits:

Excellent working mechanism. The developers of the decentralized platform LOTEO have done everything possible to ensure the efficiency of the working mechanism of the platform. Each client gets excellent chances of winning, regardless of the number of tickets purchased;


  • Chances to Win
  • Trustworthy
  • Transparency
  • Winner every drawing
  • Biggest slice for the winner
  • Speed

By utilizing smart contract technolog rather than governments or private individuals, the drawing process becomes automated and trustless. Chances to win are much higher than in conventional lotteries because of mechanism LOTEO provide the best user experience, especially non crypto familiar, are used to, that's why there will be integration of credit card payments as well as mobile message payments. in loteo you need to tip right combination of numbers and the winner is once/year. LOTEO is 100% transparent and all transaction as well as prize splits can be viewed at all times, instead of traditional lotteries, where you don't know the number of attendees, prize amount, nor even if its fair nor manipulated, as there is central authority. Loteo is incomparably faster than traditional lotteries.

Safety sign

LOTES is a security token that will be sold only as part of a private financing round (STO) to taxpayers accredited by venture funds. There will be no public sale. This token gives owners the opportunity to protect themselves from participating in the lottery without being present for an amount equal to 20% of the total value of each prize. Lots are blocked for 15 months, and during this period it is impossible to buy them or sell them elsewhere. After the first 15 months, another round of private sales will be held, during which LOTEO unlocks 30% of all tokens that will be sold to accredited partners. After the sale of these tokens, the token will be listed on various exchanges.


Decentralized platform LOTEO is a very promising project that has already attracted the attention of investors. The idea of ​​making games in the lottery decentralized is very innovative. Each client of the project will be able to buy tickets and participate in various contests, using their own cryptocurrency assets. A large number of investors speak in favor of the decentralized platform LOTEO - many people believed in the unique capabilities of this project. If you want to become part of a unique platform and get the opportunity to regularly fight for large prizes, then you should definitely consider the option with a decentralized LOTEO project.

I finish the article, considering Loteo a very interesting project. There are various lottery projects based on the blockchain on the market, but if Loteo fulfills the promises of the White Paper, this will undoubtedly become one of the leading projects. I remind you that the platform is already up and running, and you can participate in the lottery by going to the following address during registration!

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