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Overview of the Q Goose project Logistics Industry

What exactly of Goose Q all about?

Goose Q is a comperehensive blockchain based solution for the global logistics industry
Goose Q is a DAPP developed for the global logistics industry that utilizes blockchain technology to secure users data and to facilitate information and value flows. It operates with specific gadgets to record information from trucks, then encrypts it, and securely saves it on a blockchain.

The platform is already deeply integrated into existing Chinese logistics IT infrastructure, that includes cargo companies, vehicle carriers, actual transport vehicles, drivers and other platforms, thus Goose Q is able to gather a full range of visual, verifiable, trusted, traceable, anti-fraud data and securely process it with help of DLT. In order to increase driving safety and reduce amount of traffic accidents,

Goose Q combines a variety of safe driving algorithms that analyze high scope of environmental information and provide users with comprehensive safe driving services. In cooperation with China Unicom, leading Chinese telecommunications service provider, Goose Q is issuing Daluka sim-cards designed especially for truck drivers. With Daluka sim-card it is possible to use a bunch of logistics and entertainment application free of charge for traffic consumption.

Thus Goose Q is able to gather huge userbase for data collection and solve one of main problems of the logistics industry – lack of data to control fraud of invoices.

Features Of GOOSE Q

Transparency and immutability

Data recorded on a blockchain is transparent to the entire network node, which is the basis for trustworthiness of a blockchain-based system. Any data that is successfully recorded cannot be changed. Through the use of blockchain technology accuracy of a data uploaded is emphasized, on the other hand, the credibility of the data is greatly increased. These all improves organization information flows


Blockchain technology enables fair reward system for all network participants. By creating digital value flow within logistics industry, and by enhancing the enthusiasm of truck drivers and logistic enterprises to create data flow, it is possible to create selfsustainable ecosystem where participants can be fairly rewarded


Blockchain technology utilizes a variety of sophisticated digital encryption technologies to ensure data security and greatly reduce the risk of data being illegally accessed. All partners who join the Goose Q will be certified by real ID to ensure they have the right to submit and view data on the chain. The hardware devices connected to the Goose Q will be verified by the software running environment to ensure the accuracy of the hardware device data.

In order to release benefits of technologies, first of all, it is necessary to solve the communication problem between the system and the user, users and users, so as to meet the needs of wireless communication with low delay, large bandwidth and low cost. For this reason, Goose Q united with China Logistics and Purchasing Federation and China Unicom to provide exclusive preferential communication product – Daluka sim-card for the logistics industry.


Chinese Logistic industries are still in developmental phase and they still have huge potential for improvement and expansion in future. Below are the problems which needs to be solved

High rate of Accident: Trucks are prone to road accidents . In china the lethal rates is almost 5 times higher than in United State of America when the amount of trucks are almost equal.

Lack of Data: Government authorities , the logistic companies, financial and insurance institutions and businesses . Independent vehicle development and maps needs a lot of Road data.

Drivers Well being: According to the survey conducted on China Federation of logistics,almost 95% of the truck drivers are not satisfied with the work conditions due to the work stress and operation risks.

Fake invoices: The problem of issuing fake invoices is another big problem in the Chines Multi-billion Logistic industry which account for almost 10% of the total turnover affecting the logistic companies and tax department.

Goose Q Ecosystem Products


Goose Q ecosystem have their own sim card which allows high market penetration rate . It is launched with the China Unicom which the fourth World largest telecommunication service provider . The partnership with Goose Q was established in December 2018.

Features of Daluka Sim Card

Free Calls within the network: The sim has been designed to offer free calls within the network which will allow smooth communication within the drivers and their families while they are far away from home (iii) Designed solely for the truck drivers : China Unicom has opened up the niche market for trick drivers through Goose Q business network.

Allowing free traffic for over 100 partner apps: This is quite fantastic , it consist of logistic apps, leisure apps and some top apps such as Tiktok

20m Pre- orders : The Sales has started in April 2019 , the full scale penetration has been targeted towards 30m truck drivers .

100 plus distribution partners : These includes some major logistic industry  management platform such as radio Station, Online Fuel delivery platforms and truck drivers communities.

Problems in the logistics industry

Low operating efficiency, high resource consumption and serious pollution

Taking China as an example, although the economic increase has been rapid, there have been many problems in development of the logistics industry. First, the total cost of logistics accounts for a high proportion of GDP. Although it has dropped from 24% to 17% in the past two decades, it is still higher than 8% of that in developed countries.

Truck drivers’ lack of humanistic care results in huge operational risks

As an actual carrier, a truck driver, as a social element, lacks opportunities to spend time with his family, and rarely has an opportunity to participate in regular social life, so he is in a state of long-term neglect. Take China as an example, a large number of 22 million private car transporters are in an unorganized state for a long time and they have low access to the benefits of information economy.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Goose Q ecosystem Hardware and Software aims towards increasing driving safety and relieving stress of the truck drivers.

Fellow Team : The system assist finding the nearby trucks travelling in same direction and organizing them into a line to reduce the fuel consumption and increasing the drivers safety.

Lane Departure Warning:This is an indicator which is set up in the trucks to warn the truck drivers when they are leaving the lane

Forward Collision Warning : These are cameras and indicators set up in the trucks in other to warn the truck drivers about the forward collision danger

Data Business Model

Data is the major business of Goose Q ecosystem and there are still exist no major competitors in the logistic sector.

Data Producers: These includes the trucks and Taxis equipped with the Daluka SimCards, video recorders and GPS drive .

Data Consumers: There are 4 categories of data consumers,they are :Businesses , government , consumers and developers


The Jiama messenger has been targeted on the niche market of the Chines truck drivers. JIAMA ROAD MESSENGER is a communication software which has been designed for over 30 million Chinese truck drivers.It was launched in 2018 , the full scale promotion started in May 2018 .Currently the apps has gained over 100,000 registered users though the company aims towards achieving up to 500,000 users before the end of 2019 and 3 million users by end of 2020. The Team are working with the truck

drivers communities in chain such as China Dragon which have over 200 groups in Wechat .The messenger is targeted on the niche market of Chinese truck drivers.

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