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Temtum Is Super Fast Blockchain Temporal

Temtum is the popular company Dragon, and it has been consulting to actualize sovereign cryptocurrency, in view of its Temporal blockchain technology, in different African nations. Temtum will utilize these understandings, and every one of the transactions will profit temtum, giving all the volume and liquidity to make it a powerful chain. All things considered, the volume is everything in another chain, and on the off chance that you are not doing numerous transactions, you need to manage brought together trades just to keep up your coin cost. Likewise, new items and business roads by Dragon will require Temtum's native currency TEM as the technique for payment.

This new advancement will set new benchmarks in asset requirements, speed, security and adaptability. The primary explanation behind the production of this cryptocurrency is that it will end up being the most famous cryptocurrency on the planet that will be embraced into use for payments in various markets by individuals and consumers on each landmass.

Transient takes into account momentary data storage on nodea, while keeping the honesty of the blockchain and its full history. With the team consensus algorithm, transactions are never again required to be sent to each node, rather sent directly to the leader node. In this way, no squandered assets spent in the unnecessary duplication of messages.

In spite of the fact that there are a few cryptocurrency on the planet right now, none of them has prevailing as a standard type of payment that will be used by a large number of individuals for regular transactions. Temtum has tackled this issue and it has caused an adjustment in the improvement of cryptocurrency. Temtum is a finished system that is prepared for use.

This decrease away and handling force makes investment in the system from low-resourced gadgets conceivable, while using less vitality than existing blockchain technology.

How Its Work ?

By combining the innovative Temporal Consensus and AI Algorithms, the powerful Performance Integrity Protocol, this results in a Fast, Safe, Eco-friendly way of working and coins that can be used as standalone cryptocurrency payments, so that the benefits will be directly felt by everyone. this is a very brilliant way for a cryptocurrency project to provide benefits to ordinary users. With blockchain-based technology and began to be developed by Dragon Infosec, Temtum aims to provide more services for ordinary users that cannot be done by the network per 2 at the moment, which can only be felt by users who are already members of the network community. So Temtum uses potential technology and can receive services from all internet devices, including smartphones and IoT devices, cars and drones. This is a new revolution offered by Temtum to provide services to all people throughout the World. Through collaboration carried out by a team of technicians and a development team, Temtum continues to develop by implementing technical objectives in order to obtain maximum results in serving the community. And as for the results obtained from this technical development there is innovation about the integration of banknotes through the banking infrastructure by using smart contracts and the integration of the theme into online games through the development of demo platforms and plugins.

Vision & Mission

To lead a better future development for society and the environment, Temtum has used the power of blockhain technology that is truly distributed, decentralized and democratic for financial transactions. Because environmentally friendly factors are the main things that need to be considered for entrepreneurs who are engaged in this cryptocurrency. Through various kinds of trials that have been carried out by Temtum so far, and finally Temtum succeeded in making effective exchanges without damaging the environment. This is a program that has been carried out to complement the programs that have been carried out by Temtum all this time, namely to revolutionize cryptocurrency and provide actual functions rather than the power of blockchain. Temtum is a network that has been independently tested and distributed to active networks, providing a foundation for payment coins that are fast, safe, scalable and environmentally conscious. This is a good future for users, because the main mission of Temtum is to become the most widely used cryptocurrency by consumers and all layers of society throughout the world. And if seen from the program offered, of course this is not impossible for the Temtum to gain the confidence and trust of the user community.

Why are you launching temtum? How is it different from other cryptocurrencies?

Since I first got involved with Bitcoin off the back of working on the Tor network, it became clear that BTC was never going to be a suitable network that could grow to be a large scale peer-to-peer payment network – it was just so slow and even got me flagged at the University for using too much energy mining from my office. This was around 2014 while lecturing Cryptography at Portsmouth Uni, and so for my PhD I decided to create a network that would scale and be suitable for mobile devices, while being highly secure.

Over the past four years, temtum has been developed on the foundations of the Temporal Blockchain that myself and Dr. Gareth Owenson created. We took a very different route to 99% of this industry in that we bootstrapped, wrote peer-reviewed papers on our research and went ahead to create, what we now believe is the most efficient Blockchain technology that exists and will solve the inherent problems with cryptocurrencies, that intend to be used for instant, feeless payments.

What’s the technology that’s making this all possible?

temtum is built on the Temporal Blockchain with our own unique Consensus Algorithm, which combines to give us our 4 technological pillars – Speed, Security, Scalability and Sustainability. At a time where there is a very competitive ‘transactions per second’ speed race in the industry, temtum is currently delivering proven 1800 tps on our mainnet. This is prior to network scaling, sharding and delegation, all of which are close to completion and will essentially give the network an unlimited TPS figure – it will only be limited by network scale. As other projects make ‘millions of TPS’ claims, we’re yet to see sustained evidence of even a fraction of these speeds, so we’re very happy to see we’re right up there on speed.

There’s nearly always a tradeoff in Blockchain, so much so that the term ‘trillema’ was coined for the fact no technology was able to solve ALL 3 of the main restrictions of Blockchain – Speed, Security, and Scalability. Well at temtum we believe that without a 4th, Sustainability, Blockchain will still not be fit for purpose. Security, Scalability, and Sustainability are all solved with a unique feature of temtum – a quantum source of randomness.

This randomness enables the network to select a leader for processing transactions, without it ever being pre-determined, which is highly efficient, uses next to no energy and is secure against the future of quantum computing. We’re already outperforming the next layers of the biggest projects in the space when it comes to Speed, Security, Scalability, and Sustainability.

Temtum Wallet

Temtum will have a web wallet, android wallet, and an ios wallet, and they will have every one of the fancy odds and ends, including, yet not prohibited to, bank-grade security, scrambled SSL association over HTTPS, 2-factor confirmation, smart Auth assurance and confided in IPs. Things like believed IPs sound like a problem to many individuals with dynamic IP addresses, however you will thank that you got them in the event that somebody attempts to hack your record. The best fix is counteractive action, so taking these measures is something to be thankful for you, the client. To use these wallets, you essentially sign up and sign in. When you get your own TEM address, you can send your cryptocurrency from your own wallet elsewhere or basically from a exchange. At that point when you need to send cash to other people, you simply write their usernames, and the transaction occurs.


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